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Anonymous whispered, "Are any of the guys in 1D dating someone?"

so. idk how you don’t know this yet but i’ll give you the break down anyway because i have nothing else to do.

liam has been dating danielle for like two years. they’re super cute together.

louis use to go out with this girl named hannah (from way before x factor even happened) and they were the cutest ever. but then they broke up in july and a week later lou starts to date eleanor. she’s nice too… i guess. she doesn’t have a twitter so nobody knows anything. 

zayn went out with rebecca fergusson who was like wayyyy older than him (or so we all thought until harry and caroline happened =.=). she had like 2 kids and we all thought it was weird. but then they broke up. and he’s been rumored to be with like 10000 different girls since. so there’s that.

it was harry styles+madison. then it was harry styles+caroline flack who was like 31 and super mean to everybody. then they broke up or whatever. now there are new rumors about harry with a new girl like everyday so… whatever. but through it all, it’s always been larry stylinson.

annnnnnd, nandos will be niall’s one and only love for this lifetime. 

so yeah…

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