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This blog is dedicated to the five most amazing, adorable, talented boys ever.

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Niall taking his Asthma medication at JFK airport on his way back to the UK x 

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zayn bringing down the house


zayn bringing down the house

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Zayn and Harry - Handprints + One Piece 

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Live While We’re Young & Die Young mashup… pretty much the best jam ever

Louis’ tattoos (screw, stickman skateboarder, quotation marks, Far Away, OOPS!, four birds)

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obsession: harry styles legs [6]

obsession: harry styles legs [6]

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this is the cutest fucking shirt on the face of this planet

this is the cutest fucking shirt on the face of this planet

One Direction apparel on sale at dELiA*s!! 


fifty shades of grey is dedicated to “niall”

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